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Author Topic: Ideal Music List  (Read 25825 times)
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« on: June 13, 2008, 07:53:27 PM »

Credits go to Graham Duff for compiling and supplying us with this list of tracks that have been played in each series (including the current fourth).

Series 2:

Candidate – ‘Song Of The Oss’
The Fall – ‘Blindness’ (Peel Session version)
Tricky – ‘Makes Me Wanna Die’
Topo Gigio – ‘Locked Out’
Juauntrip’ – ‘Shadows’
Loopdrop – ‘Triciclo (Otra Mezcla)’
Loopdrop – ‘Cambios Electrofisicos’
Celebricide – ‘Is Katie Alright?’ (Instrumental version) (Unreleased)
Githead – ‘They Are’
Squarepusher – ‘I Wish You Could Talk’
Aurelie - ‘Mariposa’
Al Blackwood - ‘Pink Gimp’ (Unreleased)
Cyclobe – ‘Strix Nebulosa’
DJ Shadow – ‘Walkie Talkie’
Simon James – ‘Ideal Acid Track ‘
Lowfinger – ‘Merger’
Eon - ‘Spice’ (Original Mix)
The Heinz Kiessling Orchestra – ‘Samba Fiesta’
Broadcast – ‘Lights Out’
ISAN – ‘Remegio’
Bruce Gilbert – ‘Angelfood’
Radian – ‘Transister’
Wir – ‘So And Slow it Grows’
Ugly Duckling – ‘Potty Mouth’
Ugly Duckling – ‘La Revolucion’
LCD Soundsystem – ‘Yeah (Crass Version)’
Pendulum – ‘Fasten your Safety Belt’
Throbbing Gristle – ‘Heathern Earth – Pt.5’
Gilbert, Hampson & Kendal – ‘Clickway’

Series 3:

Candidate – ‘Song Of The Oss’
Aurelie - ‘Mariposa’
Juauntrip’ – ‘Shadows’
Juauntrip’ – ‘Shadows’ (Don Air Mix)
Mekon & Roxanne Shanté – ‘Yes, Yes Y’all’
Celebricide – ‘Is Katie Alright?’ (Instrumental version) (Unreleased)
Celebricide – ‘Her First Flight’ (Unreleased)
Jolly Music – ‘Piano’
Lowfinger – ‘Merger’
Hefner – ‘Pull Yourself Together’
Sleater-Kinney – ‘Modern Girl’
The Warlocks – ‘The Dope Feels Good’
Cyclobe – ‘Inevitable Black Horn’
Bruce Gilbert – ‘Angelfood’
XTC – ‘Stupidly Happy’
Slab – ‘Fade Into You’
Coil – ‘Wrim Wram Wrom’
Coil – ‘The Halliwell Hammers (3)’
Colin Newman – ‘But I…’
Al Blackwood - ‘Rocky Road’ (Unreleased)
Domestic4 – ‘Bright Light White Room’
Domestic4 – ‘International’ (Unreleased)
The Fall – ‘Pacifying Joint’
Lobe – ‘Artificial Sweetner’
Lobe – ‘Placebo’
This Heat – ‘Horizontal Hold’
Push Button Objects – ‘The ATP Track’
John Cooper Clarke – ‘I Wanna Be Yours’
Mint Royale – ‘Shake Me’
Bruce Gilbert – ‘Angelfood’
Pizzicato 5 – ‘20th Century Girl’
Gilbert, Hampson & Kendal – ‘Clickway’
Yppah – ‘Again With The Subtitles’
ISAN – ‘Remegio’
Chem 7 – ‘Deep Blue’
Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus – ‘Who Cares Who Dies’
Wir – ‘The First Letter’

Series 4:

Candidate – ‘Song Of The Oss’
Goldfrapp – ‘Number One’
Bowery Electric – ‘Over And Over’
Coil – ‘Remote Viewing 5’
Distance – ‘My Demons’
Skream – ‘Tortured Soul’
Aurelie - ‘Mariposa’
Juauntrip’ – ‘Shadows’
Juauntrip’ – ‘Shadows’ (Don Air Mix)
Misty Dixon – ‘The Beautiful Ones’
Celebricide – ‘Is Katie Alright?’ (Instrumental version) (Unreleased)
ISAN – ‘Remegio’
Sol Seppy – ‘Enter One’
Ana Da Silva – ‘Hospital Window’
Eyeless In Gaza – ‘Mixed Choir’
The Fall – ‘Behind The Counter’
Olly Sagar – ‘Don’t Be Late’ (Unreleased)
Primal Scream – ‘Rocks’
Slipstream - ‘Psycho Paul’
The Gasman – ‘Gash 2’
Gilbert, Hampson & Kendal – ‘Clickway’
Misha Begley – ‘The Red Bag #2’ (Unreleased)
Misha Begley – ‘Sound 24’ (Unreleased)
Misha Begley – ‘Flute Loop’ (Unreleased)
Lobe – ‘Affective’
The Soft Boys – ‘There’s Nobody Like You’
Pulp – ‘Babies’
Von Südenfed – ‘The Rhinohead’
Von Südenfed – ‘Serious Brainskin’
Spearmint – ‘Happy Birthday Girl’
The Whip – ‘Trash’
The Mutts – ‘Hard-on For Jesus’
Transglobal Undergound – ‘The Khaleegi Stomp’
Gravy Paste – ‘Cream On Top’
Chemical Brothers – ‘Chemical Beats’
Seelenluft – ‘Ghostmoving’
David Bowie – ‘Moss Garden’
Mercy Liao – ‘Boom’ (Unreleased)
Mercy Liao – ‘Meditation’ (Unreleased)
Inspiral Carpets – ‘Saturn 5’
Bruce Gilbert – ‘Angelfood’

Series Five
A Certain Ratio  - ‘Do the Du(casse)’
Al Blackwood - ‘Pink Gimp’. (Unreleased)
Amal Gamal Ensemble – ‘End of Free Recovery’
Atlas Sound - ‘Ready, Set, Glow’
Atlas Sound - ‘Recent Bedroom’
Aurelie - ‘Mariposa’
Bruce Gilbert - ‘Angelfood’
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - ‘A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
Celebricide - “Is Kate Alright”
Chem 7 - ‘Deep Blue’
Client – “Happy”
Coil – “Careful What You Wish For”
Cyclobe - ‘Particle Accelerator’
Desmond Simmonds – “Counterpane”
Formula One'Headaches and Handshakes'
Jason McFee (aka The Automatons) -  ‘I Want Your Spoon’
Late - "Saw, Sine, Square"
Le Savy Fav - ‘Meet Me In the Dollar Bin’
Lobe - ‘Good Stead’ (Unreleased)
Misha Begley - ‘Red Bag 2’ (Unreleased)
Neat Little Boxes - ‘Big School’
Notes - "It's A Good Thing"
Printer - ‘(I Can Take More) Satisfaction’
Robyn – “Robotboy”
Sol Seppy – “Answer To The Name Of”
Scorn - ‘Black Box II’
South3rn - 'Muslim Dub'
Teardrop Explodes - ‘Soft Enough For You’
Teledubgnosis vs. N.I.C. - ‘Materialismo’
The Fall – “Popcorn Double Feature”
The Gasman - "Flash 2"
The Gasman - 'Sandpaper'
The Frank & Walters - ‘7.30’
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen – “Postcard”
Tricky  -  ‘Past Mistake’
Various Productions - ‘Foller’ (Zan Lyons Remix)
Viva Voce - "'One In every Crowd"
Viva Voce - ‘Wrecking Ball’
Ugly Duckling - "Pass It On"

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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2009, 06:19:58 PM »

would u possibly know a song from season 2, episode one, when nikki is in her nurses uniform and shes undoing it for moz. i cant find it, on here and i dont know the name:(

'Enter one amazing grace is pouring down
Fear not this light
We are of this light divine
So come
We move as one
Amazing grace is pouring down'
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« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2009, 07:46:22 PM »

Mmmm ... you've got me there, I thought I'd found all the series 2 tracks, sounds a bit like early 'Tricky' its got that trip-hop feel to it. The vocals sound a bit like Martina Topley-Bird who was on a lot of the Tricky albums.

I'll have a bit of a poke around and if nobody can find it I'll try to get a message to Graham Duff.

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« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2010, 08:28:35 PM »

Here's your shopping list for Series Six

Al Blackwood - ‘Pink Gimp’
Alias - ‘Unseen Sights’
Amal Gamal Ensemble - ‘End of Free Recovery’
Atlas Sound - ‘Walkabout’
Bauhaus - ‘Bela Lugosi's Dead’
Barry Adamson - ‘Civilisation’
Billy Mackenzie - ‘Baby’
Bruce Gilbert - ‘Angelfood’
Camberwell - Now‘Know How’
Candidate - ‘Song of the Oss’
Celebricide - ‘Is Kate Alright [Instrumental]’
Chem 7 - ‘Deep Blue’
Chris Carter - 'Kly'ppd'
Coil - ‘Careful What you Wish For’
Cyclobe - ‘Thinking Feeling’
Darker My Love - 'Two Ways Out'
Dirty Projectors - 'Wave The Bloody Shirt'
DJ Kudos - ‘Head Buzzin'
Dot Allison - ‘Message Personel (Death in Vegas Mix)’
Dot Allison - ‘Message Personel (Original Mix)’
Fever Ray - ‘Now's The Only Time I Know’
Fi-Lo Radio - ‘Pretty Bones’.
Fi-Lo Radio - ‘Worth It's Weight In Gold’
Gilbert, Hampson & Kendal - ‘Clickway’
Git-head - ‘lifeblood’
Jane Weaver - ‘Is Everybody Happy?‘
Juantrip - ‘Shadows’
Juan trip - ‘Shadows (Don Air mix)’
La Momo - 'Positron'
Lisa Germano - 'Late Night (Dresses)'
Lobe - 'Placebo'
Mercy Liao - 'Mass Production'
Misha Begley - 'Coliseum'
Misha Begley - 'Come On Girl'
Mum - ‘Guilty Rocks’
Negativland - ‘Aluminium Or Glass’
Peter & The Wolves - 'Still'
Ronnie & Clyde - ‘Mikki Maus’
Scott Walker - 'And Who Shall Go To The Ball, And What Shall Go to the Ball?' (Pt 4)
Seelenluft - ‘Depart’
Skream - ‘Tortured Soul’
Slipstream - ‘Clouds’
Space Needle - 'Old Spice'
TheGasman - ‘(Go) Before You Break My Heart’
The Passage - ‘Love Is As’
The Pretty Things - 'Death Of A Socialite'
The Workhouse - 'Coathanger'
Themselves - 'Good People Check (Harvatski Mix)‘
Thurston Moore - ‘Root (Luke Vibert Remix)‘
Toby & James - ‘1,2,3’
Virtu-oso [a.k.a V-Man] - 'Lean'
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